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 A-22L2 / A-22LS

  1. Vibrations of the main landing gear legs of A-22LS and A-22L2 airplanes:: IB A-22LS-01

  2. Modernization of the main landing gear legs for A-22LS and A-22L2 airplanes: IB A-22LS-02

  3. Inspection and reinforcement of the tail boom of A-22LS and A-22L2 airplanes: IB A-22LS-03

  4. Ammendment of AMM: IB A-22LS-04

  5. Installation of protecting cover: IB A-22LS-05

  6. Modernization of parking brake valve: IB A-22LS-06

  7. Ammendment of AMM: IB A-22LS-08

  8. Ammendment of AMM: IB A-22LS-09

  9. Inspection of the nose landing gear leg: IB A-22L2-01

  10. Inspection of cardan rings and ammendment of AMM: IB A-22LS-10

  11. Ammendment of POH Glider towing supplement: IB A-22LS-07

  12. Ammendment of AMM: IB A-22LS-11

  13. Ammendment to POH: SB A-22LS-12

  14. Inspection and replacement of the threaded rod-end: SB A22LS-13

  15. Ammendment of AMM – inspection of elevator pushrod: SB A-22LS-14

  16. Ammendment of AMM – 50-hour work: SB A-22LS-15

  17. Inspection of rudder cables: SB A-22LS-16

  18. Replacement of rudder cables and fairleads: SB A-22-17

  19. AMM amendment – windscreen glass inspection: SB A-22LS-18

  20. Replacement of the nose wheel fork hinge bracket: SB A-22-LS-19

  21. Harness system check: SB A-22LS-20

  22. Change of rescue system rocket attachment: SB A-22LS-21

  23. Change of water pump screw-clamp torque: SB A-22LS-22

  24. Change of rescue system rocket attachment for Germany, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania: SB A-22LS-23

  25. Increase of MTOW to 525 kg: SB A22L2-02

  26. Amendment to POH: SB A-22LS-24

  27. Holes in the flaperon hinge axles: N A-22LS-25

  28. Upgrade of A-22LS fleet in Germany: SB A-22LS-26

A-32 / A-32L

  1. Temporary limitation of VNE: SA A32-01

  2. Modification of AMHT: SB A32-02

  3. Replacement of door latches: SA A32-03

  4. Reinforcement of roof at frame No.3: SB A32-04

  5. Reinforcement of frame No.10: SB A32-05

  6. AMM amendment – windscreen glass inspection: SB A32-06 

  7. Replacement of the nose wheel fork hinge bracket: SB A32-07

  8. Upgrade of A32 fleet in Germany: SB A32-10

  9. Relocation of iS fuel pump: SB A32-11

  10. Amendment to POH: SB A32-12

  11. Amendment to AMM: SB A32-13

  12. ASI marking change: SB A32-16

  13. Holes in the flaperon hinge axles: N A32-17

  14. Installation the rear mounts’ screens: SB A32-14

  15. Replacement of the oil system hoses: SB A32-15



  1. ELEVATOR CONTROL STUCK: ALL-SA-3-0-5-0001-2017

  2. AOI revision: ALL-SA-0-0-0-0001-2020

  3. Kavlico pressure sensors: ALL-SA-0-0-0-0005-2020

  4. Seat attachment: ALL-SA-0-0-0-ALL-0002-2021

  5. Automatic Trim/GDU™ 4XX Reset: 22112 Rev. A

 K F A


  1. Tailpost insert: SB001

  2. Short axle tube: SB002

  3. Wrong Aileron mixer: SB003

  4. Wrong jury struts: SB004

  5. Lift-strut bolt lenght: SB005

  6. Old flaperon chord length: SB006

  7. Correct bungee tension: SB007

  8. Fuel-Cap Vent: SB008

  9. Carb overflow pipe: SB009

  10. Nose Landing Gear: SB010

  11. Control torque tube crack: SB011

  12. Axle shear: SB012

  13. Nose gear V-Brace: SB013

  14. Axle bolt lenght: SB014

  15. Stabilizer tabs broken: SB015

  16. 582 engine mount isolator rubbers: SB016

  17. Rudder cable ferrule crimp: SB017

  18. Tailwheel block lube: SB018

  19. Control rod-end failure: SB019

  20. Fibre glass seat support: SB020

  21. Welded axle backing plate: SB021

  22. Throttle control bellcrank: SB022

  23. Nose-wheel axle bolts: SB023

  24. Rudder return springs: SB024

  25. Axle inspection and upgrade: SB025

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